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ETYMOLOGY: From the Irish Gaelic pus, which was slang for mouth . Originally a British term of affection for women, it acquired a sexual significance during the mid-17 th century.

Slangonym for:

1. The face . Sour puss / pickle puss / vinegar puss , a sour-looking or ugly face . Beetle puss / lousy puss , an ugly face . Sugar puss , a sweet face . Cute puss / neat puss , an attractive face . Fuzz face / fuzzy puss , a face with an adolescent beard . Glamour puss , an attracive face or woman .

2. The mouth . Shut that nagging puss of yours . See mouth for synonyms.

3. Short for pussy , the vagina and female genitalia . See vagina for synonyms.

4. Homosexual slang for the ass and the anus . See ass and anus for synonyms.

5. An affectionate term by a lesbian for her lover .

6. Dated term for a girl or young woman .

See Also: civet, puss, puss gentleman, smack in the puss, wuss

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