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Possessing large, prominent breasts. See breasts for synonyms and euphemisms.
See Also: 44s, air bags, all meat, no potatoes, ample-bodied woman, amply endowed, anisomastia, apple dumplings, appurtenances, assets, atom bombs, babaloos, babooms, baby bar, the, baby pillows, babys arm, babys dinners, babys forearm, bags, bags of mystery, bajongas, ballasts, balloons, baloobas, bamboochas, banjo eyes, baps, barge, barge pole, barges, basket party, bawangos, bazongas, bazonkers, bazookas, bazoomas, bazoombas, bazooms, bazoomy, bazoongas, bazoongies, bazumbas, bean bags, beanbags, beausom, beauties, beauts, beaver cleaver, beef bags, beef jibber, begonias, bejonkers, bell peppers, bellys, berks, berthas, bezongas, biffa, big chester, big hunk of meat, big legs, big piece of meat, bikini fillers, bikini stuffers, blaaters, black limo, blamps, blossoms, bobbers, bodacious tatas, boob sandwich, boobiferous, boobifers, boobulars, boogie butt, boom-booms, boovies, borsties, bosiasm(s), bosoms, boulders, bouncers, bow window, bra-busters, brassiere food, bread bags, breast augs, breast form, breasties, breastworks, briskets, bristen, broad-gauge(d), brown eyes, bubatoes, bubbied, bubbies, bubby circus, bubby heaters, bubs, buckets, buddies, buddings, buds, buffarilla, buffers, bulbs, bumps, burgeoning bunnies, bushel bubby, busters, busty, butter bags, buxom, buzwams, cabmans rests, cadabies, Cafe la Mama, cajooblies, carry a bundle, casabas, cats, chalubbies, chapel hat pegs, charmers, chebs, chee chees, cherry-topped sundaes, cherrylets, chest and bedding, chest bunnies, chest flesh, chest pillows, chest puppies, chesty, chichitas, chicken-breasted, chicken-with-a-basket, choozies, chubbies, chubblies, chuberteens, chubs, chudleighs, chumbawumbas, chungas, chupas, chussies, classic proportions, classy pair, coat hangers, coconuts, cokernuts, colorectal, colpectasia, colpette, colpochoresis, cones, corporation, cow, cow-cunted, cow-tits, cow-uddered, croopers, Cupids kettledrums, cups, curvesome, depth charge, desirable fleshy parts, devils, diddleys, docker's thumbs, dodas, dog in a blanket, dollar-an-inch man, dollies, Dollys, donkey dick, double assed, double D's, double D-cups, double-diddied, draggy udders, drape queen, droopers, dubbies, dubs, duck-butt, dumplings, Dutch Alps, dzwonies, east and west, easts and wests, ellens, endearing physical attributes, fat flabs, fat sacks, fat-ass, featherweights, feeding bottles, female appurtenances, female bubbies, female charms, female goodies, female upper bombosities, fertility symbols, filled-out, fine figure, fishbowl dancer, flab hangings, flabby melons, flapjacks, flat-chested, flesh bombs, fleshy charms, fleshy interests, fleshy parts (of a woman), floppers, floppy tits, floppy whites, flops, flyspecks, fore-buttocks, fountain(s), frankentits, front bumpers, frontal development, full load, full pack, full-bosomed, full-bosomed figure, full-figured, fulsome, fun bags, gargantuan organum virile, gate mouth, gavabos, gay ghetto, gazongas, gazungas, generously proportioned, gentlemans pleasure, gib teesurbs, globular hemispheres, gollompus, good figure, good set of lungs, goonas, grapefruits, grapes, graysons, groodies, growths, grudies, guavas, gubbs, hammertons, hammocks, hang-down, hangers, headers, hemispheres, hills, hills of paradise, Hindenburgs, honchos, honeydew melons, honeydews, honkers, hooters, howitzers, hubbies, hung like a bull, hung like a dinosaur, hung like a horse, hung like a rabbit, hung like a stallion, Irish draperies, ivory hills, jaboos, jabs, Jersey bounce, Jersey Cities, jibs, jiggle bosoms, jigglers, jigglies, jubblies, jublies, jug handles, jug-lugs, jugs, juicy peaches, jumblaaters, jumbos, junoesque, kajooblies, kettledrums, King Kong Dong, lactoids, lard ass, large-breasted, little drinks, loaded, lob cock, loblollies, lollies, lollos, long dong, love bubbles, love buds, love pillows, loves strawberries, lulus, lung nuts, lung warts, macrogenitalism, macromastia, macrophallia, magnum, maiden pinks, majonkers, mamas, mamazulons, mammaries, mammary mounds, mammets, mammitis, mamms, mams, man mountain, manapuas, mangoes, masob(s), massive mammaries, mastos, mastunculi, matched set pair, mature figure, maypole, mazoomas, meat for the butcher, meatus longus, megalophobia, melons, memories, mezoomas, midgies, milk bags, milk bar, milk bottles, milk buckets, milk sacks, milk shop, milk wagons, milkers, milkshakes, mimpins, mochi hills, molehills, mollicoes, mollies, moon balloons, moon face, mosob(s), mosquito bites, mounds, mounds of lilies, mount everests, mount of lilies, mountains, mulligans, mumbas, murphies, nacks, nancies, nature's founts, nenes, niblets, nice handfuls, nice pair of eyes, nice puppies, nice set, ninnies, ninny jugs, nippers, nipply doo dahs, nips, niptastic mate, nit tits, nobs, nodules, noogies, Norma Snokkers, nuggies, nugs, num-nums, nummies, nums, nungers, nupies, of classic proportions, oomlaaters, oranges, orbs of snow, other parts, ottomans, over the shoulder(s), overblaaters, packs a ton, he, packs a wallop, he, pair of Cupids kettledrums, pair of headlights, pair of kettledrums, palookas, palpable characters, panters, pantry shelves, pap heads, papayas, paps, peach of a pair, peaks, peanuts, pechitos, pectoral bubbies, pectoral bulges, pectoral eminences, pectoral excurvations, pectoral handfuls, pectoral ninnies, pendulant breasts, perkies, personalities, picayunes, pillows, pimples, pimples on a chest, pimples on the chest, pips, Play-Doh, playground, the, pleasant eminences, pleasingly plump, plumpies, pneumatic, pneumatic bliss, pointers, pokers, pom-poms, pontoons, porcelain spheres, poundering complexities, pretty lungs, prominent bosom, pumpkins, pus glands, pygmies' cocks, Queen Mary, queen-size(d), queenies, racks, ree-langers, rib cushions, rising beauties, roploplos, roundies, Rubenesque, runts, saggers, sagging summer squash, saggy pig tits, sandbags, satchel mouth, satchmo, scones, scoops, semiglobes, set of jugs, shakers, shimmies, shock absorbers, shoulder boulders, Silastic, skin sacks, slugs, smosobs, smudges, smurfs, snorbs, snout, snuggle pups, soft cadaby, softest part of a woman's torso, speed bags, speed bumps, spheres, spooters, squashy bits, stacked well up, stacks, stits, stonkers, superdroopers, superdupers, sweater dandies, sweater meat, sweater treats, sweaterful, sweet glands, sweet rolls, ta-tas, tabs, tamales, tatas, tater tots, tattas, teacups, teats, teratophallic, tetinas, tetitas, Texan, thelorthia, thousand pities, threateners, tiskies, tissue-paper titties, tit bondage, tit discipline, tit for tats, tit king, tit puller, tit torture, titter, titties, tittivated, titty bondage, titty bug, titty discipline, titty torture, tom-tit, tooters, top ballocks, top balls, top buttocks, top set, top-heavy, torpedoes, torso job, towns and cities, treasure chest(s), tremblers, tun, turrets, twangers, twin lovelies, twin peaks, two beebees on a bread board, two on the town, two rounded hillocks, twofers, udders, uglies, umlauts, upper regions, upper works, ups, upstairs, vavooms, veiled twins, voos, waawaas, waldos, walking tripod, wallopies, wammers, wand vibrator, warheads, waterbags, watermelons, wazzojugs, well-endowed, well-equipped, well-furnished, well-hung, well-loaded, well-rounded, welt, whalebone, whamdanglers, whammers, whoa mammas, whoppers, wobblers, womb bruiser, wombies, wongas, yabbos, yams, zeppelins, zeps

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