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Or: Russian-arts / Russian-culture , (an act of) masturbation of the penis between the breasts of a female partner .

SYNONYMS: bombay-roll ; boob-balling ; coitus-inter-mammas ; coitus-intramammas ; coitus-intermammarius ; coitus-a-mammilla ; diddiride ; Dutch-fuck ; French-fuck ; fuck-tits ; fuck-a-brisket ; go-Dutch ; jug-jousting ; mammary-coitus ; mammary-intercourse ; mastophallation ; mazophallate ; muscle-fuck ; piss-in-the-dugout ; sex-between-hills ; sex-between-mountains ; shoot-between-the-fagots ; titch ; tit-fucking ; titty-fuck ; titwank ; trip-down-mammary-lane ; TVF.
SEE ALSO: dog-in-a-blanket ; jizz-spider ; mammagymnophilia (arousal from female breasts); pearl-necklace .

See Also: acousticophilia, arts, big J, cultures, exchanging loads, high Texan, Russian, Russian arts, Russian culture, shrimp job, snowballing, snowdropping, steppe sister, super J, way, womanhood

Quotes Containing Russian:
Lena Yakushova 'Ninotchka' (Greta Garbo) to the Russian trade delegates Buljanoff, Iranoff and Kopalski in Ninotchka (1939): 'Don't make an issue of my womanhood .' In the 1957 musical remake entitled Silk Stockings (1957) Fred Astaire answers Cyd Charisse with: 'Please don't say that. I was looking forward to it .'
Vladimir Ivanoff (Robin Williams) a recent Russian immigrant to the US confronts a man who has been following him on the streets of New York in Moscow on the Hudson (1984): - Vlad: ''FBI?'' - Man: ''FBI? No.'' - Vlad: ''KGB?'' - Man: ''KGB? No... G-A-Y.'' - Vlad: ''G?...A?...Y?... No!''

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