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go Dutch:

Or: Dutch-fuck , male masturbation between a woman's breasts.
Synonyms: bombay-roll ; boob-balling ; bunny-rub ; coitus-inter-mammas ; coitus-intramammas ; coitus-intermammarius ; coitus-a-mammilla ; diddiride ; Dutch-fuck ; French-fuck ; fuck-tits ; fuck-a-brisket ; jug-jousting ; mammary-coitus ; mammary-intercourse ; mastophallation ; mazophallate ; muscle-fuck ; piss-in-the-dugout ; Russian (culture); sex-between-hills ; sex-between-mountains ; shoot-between-the-fagots ; titch ; tit-fucking ; titty-fuck ; titwank ; trip-down-mammary-lane ; TVF.
See also: dog-in-a-blanket ; jizz-spider ; mammagymnophilia (arousal from female breasts).
See Also: bombay roll, boob-balling, borsties, bunny rub, coitus a mammilla, coitus inter mammas, coitus intermammarius, coitus intramammas, defecation, desperation number, diddiride, Dutch fuck, Dutch widow, go commando, go steady, go with, jug-jousting, kut, mammary coitus, mammary intercourse, mastophallation, mazophallate, minikin, muscle fuck, Russian, Russian arts, Russian culture, sex between hills, sex between mountains, shoot between the fagots, tit fuck, tit fucking, Tit Valley Fuck, titch, titty fuck, titwank, trip down mammary lane, tvf

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