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French fuck:

To masturbate the penis between a woman's breasts.
Synonyms: bombay-roll ; boob-balling ; bunny-rub ; coitus-inter-mammas ; coitus-intramammas ; coitus-intermammarius ; coitus-a-mammilla ; diddiride ; Dutch-fuck ; fuck-tits ; fuck-a-brisket ; jug-jousting ; mammary-coitus ; mammary-intercourse ; mastophallation ; mazophallate ; muscle-fuck ; piss-in-the-dugout ; Russian (culture); sex-between-hills ; sex-between-mountains ; shoot-between-the-fagots ; titch ; tit-fucking ; titty-fuck ; titwank ; trip-down-mammary-lane ; TVF.
See also: dog-in-a-blanket ; jizz-spider ; mammagymnophilia (arousal from female breasts).
See Also: 3-Fs, accoutrements, amour fou, amour propre, amour socratique, arse-fuck, assed up, B.F.D., baume de vie, big F, the, bombay roll, boob-balling, bordel, breakthrough, broken balls, bunny rub, caca, Canuck, capote allemande, capote anglaise, cattle truck, charvered, chaud, Chew my shorts!, cock-pluck, coitus a mammilla, coitus inter mammas, coitus intermammarius, coitus intramammas, consolateur, coquette, coup de foudre, Creole, cuissade, culo, cultured, dame de voyage, danse du ventre, daughter of joy, decolletage, delire du toucher, DF, diddiride, Donald, Dutch fuck, English malady, F-ing, F.I.N.E., feck, ferk, fickey fick, fille de joie, fille de nuit, firk, foot, Fourex, foutering, Fr, Fr act, Fr pas, Fr/A, Fr/P, French, French ache(s), French art(s), French article, French crown, French culture(s), French disease, French fare, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pig, French pox, French prints, French tickler, Frenchified potatoes, frog legs, FTW, fuck, fuck a brisket, Fuck a duck!, Fuck me gently!, Fuck me pink!, fuck one's fist, fuck princess, fuck rubber, fuck the fist, fuck tits, fuck your fist, fuck-nutty, fuckathon, fucking rubber, fuckle, fuckpig, fucks like a rattlesnake, fucus, fugly, fulke, futter, go Dutch, godemiche, goose and duck, grande horizontale, grande passion, horse-fuck, jiggle and jog, Joe Buck, jug-jousting, kaka, lécheur, lécheuse, mackerel, Mademoizook, maison de joie, mal d'amour, mammary coitus, mammary intercourse, marrons, mastophallation, mazophallate, muscle fuck, nymphe du pavé, oeillade, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, papillon d'amour, poule de luxe, push in the truck, putain, R.A.F., redingote d'Angleterre, roploplos, Russian, Russian arts, Russian culture, Russian duck, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, sex between hills, sex between mountains, shoot between the fagots, six à neuf, swaffonder, swap spit, swassonder, tantaleur, tantaleuse, three F's, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, tit fuck, tit fucking, Tit Valley Fuck, tits-up, titty fuck, titwank, TMFA, touche pipi, trip down mammary lane, Trois, Les, tummy-fuck, tvf, up your ass!, vache, vice allemand, voyeuse, wear, Yankee heaven, zinzanbruck, zouzoune

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