Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Derogatory appellation for a male homosexual .

2. A pervert of any kind.

3. Or: freak-trick , in prostitution , a customer with unusual or bizarre sexual requests.

See Also: beef burger, belly-fucker, belly-queen, benrus queen, Bo Peep, brown boy, client, come-freak, cull, cum-freak, doodle gazer, eyeball queen, fare, fellator, freak, freak trick, hotcha, Lady Elgin, lookie freak, meatball, patron, pecker, peek freak, peep, peep freak, Peeping Tom, peer queer, piper, rub-belly, rubber, spy queen, TOS, turned out, urophile, varietist, voyeur, watch queen

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