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1. Or: peepee / peeper , the penis . See penis for synonyms.

2. Or: peeper , a voyeur .
SYNONYMS: benrus-queen ; Bo-Peep; doodle-gazer ; eyeball-queen ; Lady-Elgin ; lookie-freak ; peek (or peep) freak ; peeping Tom; peer-queer ; spy-queen ; voyeur ; watch-queen .

3. To see ; to look at; to stare at.

4. Recent usage for people.

5. To listen to. ' Peep this .'

6. PEEP / P .E.E.P. , short-lived 1980s US acronym for Perfectly Excellent Eating Pussy.

See Also: bad lamps, benrus queen, Bo Peep, crapper dick, decoy(er), doodle gazer, eyeball queen, hoods, jack shack, jades, keek, Lady Elgin, lookie freak, one-on-one booth, panel house, peek freak, peek-a-rama, peep, peep freak, peepee, peeper, peepers, Peeping Tom, peer queer, raree show, sex show, spy queen, spy-smashers, tea timers, tinted bo-peeps, urinal sniffer, voyeur, voyeurism, watch and jack, watch queen

Quotes Containing peep:
Bo Peep (Charlotte Henry) to Silas Barnaby (Henry Kleinach) in March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934): 'I wouldn't marry you if you were young, which you can't be, if you were honest, but you never were, or if you were about to die tomorrow, which is too much to hope for.'

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