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peep show:

Or: peepshow :

1. Any kind of act in which naked women are displayed or revealed.

2. Sexual entertainment in the form of lingerie , nudity, stripteasing, or dancing viewed from a private or semiprivate cubicle with a glass or two-way mirror.

3. In arcade days, a porno-film that could be viewed through a coin-operated projection booth or viewer, usually in coin-by-coin increments. Synonym: peek-a-rama . Prior to that, in the early days of photography, the 1850s, a backroom where men, for a nickel, could view stills of naked and semi-naked women.

4. An exhibition of pornographic pictures viewed through a small hole or with magnifying glass.

5. Observing a prostitute having-sex with an unsuspecting customer through a two-way mirror.
SYNONYMS: raree-show ; sex-show .

QUOTE: Dr. Hugo Hackenbush (Groucho Marx) in A Day at the Races (1937): ' Don't look at me! What do you think I am? A peep show? '

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