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Or: hoe / hooer / hoor , an obvious derivation and play on whore . In the US:

1. A female prostitute but, in teenspeak, used to refer to women in general or to a girlfriend . ' My ho is waiting for me .' See prostitute for synonyms.

2. In high schools, a slut or sluttish girl .

3. Ho! a greeting, usually between males or male homosexuals.

See Also: ho, hoe, hooer, minx, stank, stew(s), stink

Quotes Containing ho:
Gloria (Helen Broderick) and Mr. Duncan (Samuel S. Hinds) in The Rage of Paris (1938): - Gloria Patterson: ''We''re going to ride to the hounds in the morning. It''s tally-ho at dawn.'' - Mr. Duncan: ''Yes, you have to get up very early in the morning to catch the fox .'' - Gloria Patterson: ''Yes, and stay up late at night to catch a minx .''

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