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A married man who has homosexual activities on-the-side . See bisexual for synonyms.
See Also: AC-DC, afternoon gig, apron husband, better fraction, better half, bitter half, breadwinner, bunter, catch-fart, chicken thief, cicisbeism, consort, copula carnalis, cut him off, December-May, deuterogamy, digamy, foot warmer, go upstairs, half and half, half-mast, half-widow, have a roving eye, head of the house, helpmate, henpecked, his lordship, hub, hubby, hus-bond, husband, ilium, itchy feet, lord and master, man of the house, old man, other half, people-in-law, pot and pan, put horns on, put the horns on, roving eye, significant other, spouse, spouse and strife, taters and tea, triborgasmia, twat-hopper, uxoricide, worse half, the, worser half, the

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