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Sexual arousal associated with urine, urination , playing with urine, watching a partner urinate, drinking urine, sniffing urine-soaked garments, especially during copulation or masturbation . CAUTION: Urine may contain bacteria and viruses; it is considered unsafe sex .

ETYMOLOGY: From the Greek , ouron , urine, and lagneia , lust , and from the German Undine or the French Ondine , a fabled female water nymph .

SYNONYMS: erotic-peeing ; golden-shower (of rain); ondinisme; peegames ; piss-play ; undinism ; urethral-eroticism ; urinism ; urophilia ; watersport; wet-fun ; wet-sex ; wet-times .

SEE ALSO: renifleurism.

See Also: golden shower queen, piss play, undinism, urethral eroticism, urinism, uro-sexuality, urophilia, water sports, wet fun, wet sex, wet times, yellow-stream queer

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