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Sexual intercoursing. See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 411, 9 to 5, 9-5-er, actress, alley affair, alley number, axillary intercourse, axillism, B.J., bagpipe, bagpiping, bang-up, big J, big jobbies, big jobs, BJ, BJLs, BJM, BLJ, blow job, blowing, boink, brown, buccal intercourse, buccal onanism, butt slammer, coitus in axilla, coitus in ore, coitus oralis, couch audition, D.I.Y., defecation, doing a hand job, French, French art(s), French culture(s), gum-job, hand gig, hand job, he-man, high Russian, high Texan, huffle, huffling, hummer, in-and-out, job, labiate, little jobs, maschalation, milk cow, mouth love, mouth-genital sex, mouthlove, night work, nine-to-five, nine-to-fiver, oragenital sex, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral eroticism, oral genitalism, oral intercourse, oral sex, oral stimulation, oral titillation, oral-genital sex, oralism, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, penis-to-armpit intercourse, protection, push-over, pushover, rocks, slob-job, soft leg, soft roll, spanking the monkey, stern approach, street girl, street walker, street whore, street worker, streetwalker, streetwalking, streetwalking prostitute, super J, velvet job, wack job, walk the streets, whack job

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