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From the male viewpoint:

1. To engage in sexual-intercourse . A measure of hostility is implied. See copulation for synonyms.

2. Or: pound-the-ass / pound-the-butt / pound-the-cheeks , to copulate anally. See anal-copulation for synonyms.

3. To penetrate with the penis .

See Also: a bit of rumpy-bumpy, a bit of rumpy-pumpy, bit of rumpy-bumpy, bit of rumpy-pumpy, cage, decencies, feel funny about, fish market, genital pound of flesh, leather, Leather Lane, male pound of flesh, onicker, pound, pound it, pound off, pound the pavement, pound the sidewalk, pound the street, pounders, quid, rumpy-bumpy, rumpy-pumpy

Quotes Containing pound:
Lucy McFadden (Quinn Cummings) and Elliot Garfield (Richard Dreyfuss) in The Goodbye Girl (1977): - Lucy: ''Boy! You don''t think much of yourself, do you?!'' - Elliot: ''Pound for pound , I''ve got the biggest ego this side of St. Louis.''

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