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active partner:

The partner who assumes the active role in anal-intercourse . See sodomite for synonyms.
See Also: 49, 50:50, a piece of dark meat, a piece of Eve's meat, active, active Greek, active partner, active sodomist, all tits and teeth, alvinolagnia, amychesis, anal borer, anal injector, anal intruder, anal rampooner, anal scientist, anal stormtrooper, androsodomy, anisonogamist, anophelorastia, anus queen, archangel, ass farmer, ass king, ass man, ass master, ass pirate, ass thrasher, ass-bandit, asshole bandit, athenian, Australian active, Australian passive, Australian sex, baby vamp, bachelor's life, back-door man, ball of fire, bang, bang artist, bangs like a tappet, beastess, beastette, beat to it, bed partner, beef on the hoof, BF, bicycle rider, bird-taker, birdie, biscuit-bandit, bisexual libido, bit of ass, bit of ebony, bit of skirt, bitch-queen, black in white, bodyguard, booty-bandit, boretto man, bottle opener, bottom surgeon, bottomite, braid cutting, broiler, bronc buster, bronc rider, bronco buster, brown artist, brown hatter, brown pipe engineer, brownie king, brownie queen, browning queen, Browning sister, brutal breasting, bucket, buey, bugger, buggerantoes, buggerling, bum fiddler, bum-fugger, bun puncher, bun spreader, bun-bandit, bung upwards, bunger, bunghole bandit, bunker, bunkie, bunky, bunny cake, burgler, butt-fuck buddy, butt-slut, button-loose, caboose, calf-sticking, catch, caught in flagrante, caught the scent, charcoal blossom, charcoal lily, chase pussy, chase tail, chasee, cheek bite, cheeks-spreader, chicken three way, chicken-on-a-spit, Chinese fashion, Chinese style, chocolate bandit, chocolate drop, chocolate lumberjack, chocolate starfish collector, chocolate wings, chutney ferret, climb trees to get away from it, closed door, closed swinging, co husband, co wife, cohabitation, coitus à cheval, coitus innuptus, coitus inter digitae, coitus miscegenatus, coitus wheel, colon-bowler, compulsive cruising, cottager, cratolagnia, dangerous curve, dead eye dick, deadeye dick, deficiency love, deft-and-dumb, diddler, dirt tamper, dom, domestic partner, dominant, dominator, donut puncher, double-entry, dusky dame, Ecstasy, empress, eye doctor, eye-opener, fart-catcher, fastie, fifty-fifty, fill one with come, fire-box, fist-fucker, fizgig, flat-backer, fluter, forty-niner, Fr act, Fr/A, freewheeling femme, French active, fuckee, fucker, fudge packer, genupectoral, gigsy, giver, go around the world, go fishing, go places and do things, gonif, gooser, Greek, Greek active, gut-buster, gut-butcher, gut-fucker, gut-reamer, gut-scraper, gut-stretcher, gut-stuffer, gutter limits, hair-job, hand queen, have to swim underwater to get away from it, Hershey highwayman, hip-hitter, hot back, hot biscuit, hot bot, hot-assed woman, hot-panted woman, hotsy, hotter than a Fourth-of-July hoedown, humper and a pumper, a, hung like a rabbit, indorser, ingler, insertee, inserter, insertor, inspector of manholes, ivory rinse, jay, jocker, jockey, keester-bandit, keister-bandit, knight of the golden grummet, lady hotbot, live-in (lover), looks at every woman through the hole in his prick, lust dog, main hole, male dominant, maledom, mamacita, man about town, manhole inspector, mason, master, master-slave, meandering mama, Merry Magdalene, merry-legged, miner, Miss Hotbot, moll about in the head, mooners, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, night-hunter, nimble-hipped, no better than she ought to be, OPAL, open marriage, passive, pedicator, PFL, piece of dark meat, piece of Eve's meat, pitch, pitcher, poon hunting, pratt-hunter, pratt-man, punker, rare piece of dark meat, raven beauty, raver, reamer, rear specialist, rider, ring snatcher, rough-trade, rump-ranger, sex bunny, sex machine, sexer, sexual analism, shagstress, shit stirrer, shoot in the back, shotgun marriage, shotgun wedding, significant other, slave, slavemaster, slaver, snap-on (tool), sodomant, sodomante, sodomee, sodomist, sodomite, sodomize, spanking lovers, speed-dame, speedster, split-ass, split-mutton, spoons, steamer, step around, step sister, stern chaser, stink-finger, stinky-finger, stomach fetish, stuffer, sugar brown, swift baby, swiftie, tail sister, take a turn in the barrel, tardojacia, tea bagging, team player, three decker, threesies, tom fucker, tomcating, top, top drawer, top man, toss freaks, tribada, tribadus, triple treat queen, tummy-fuck, turd bandit, turd burglar, turd packer, Turk, tusk, twigger, vaginal urination, wear boxer shorts, wheelman, wildeman, XTacy, XTC, zelophile

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