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pornographic movie:

Or: pornographic film , a film depicting scenes of nudity and sexual activity.

SYNONYMS: adult-movie ; beaver (flick); blue-flick ; blue-movie ; bluey ; cock-movie ; cockfest ; dirty-movie ; flesh-flick ; fuck-film ; het-film ; horn-movie ; porno-film ; porno-flick ; porno-movie ; skin-flick ; stag-movie ; X-rated-movie .

SEE ALSO: beaver-loop ; boylies ; cinebonds ; cinema-XXX ; cinemarotic ; eroductions ; girlies ; leather-film ; pornchops ; pricktures .

See Also: adult book, adult bookshop, adult entertainment center, adult magazine, adult movie, beaver, beaver flick, beaver loop, beefcake books, beefcake film, big tender, bliff mag, blow book, blue, blue flick, blue movie, blueness, bluey, bod-comic, boylies, brown eye pie, butt book, C-light, Cash Flagg, chick flick, cinebonds, cinema XXX, cinemarotic, cinemaroticism, cock movie, cockfest, color in the coloring book, cowgirl, cum dodger, cum shot, cummy face, cunt light, deep-throat, dirty movie, e-coli pie, eroductions, face shot, fence painting, flesh flick, fluffer, fuck book, fuck film, g-g, girlie magazine, girlies, grinder, gyno shot, hand book, het film, horn movie, horrorform, hot beaver shot, inscrewtable, jazz mag, jizzer, leather film, lunchmeat, m-and-g track, marathon, men's magazine, money shot, monster shot, nudie, nudies, parental units, pay-per-view sites, pictorial prostitution, pix, plumber, poon light, pop shot, porn, pornchops, porno film, porno flick, porno movie, pornographic film, pornographic movie, pornoshop, pornpics, pornshop, pornzine, pricktures, proof shot, Quicktime sex, sex shop, shampoo, sinfully handsome, skin flick, sleazy, smoker, snuff film, snuff movie, softy, solo box, splash shot, split beaver, spread beaver, spreader, stag mag, stag movie, stickspin, stovepipe, stroke book, stroke house, stunt cock, swinger's pen pal, tear-jerker, three-way woman, urban legend, waiting for wood, wank mag, wet shot, woodsman, X-rated films, X-rated movie

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