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Or: penovaginal , involving both the penis and the vagina .
See Also: acquired syphilis, alprosradil, ampailang, ampallang, balls deep in the furry fun house, bar on, be in a woman's beef, bell-end (of the penis), bit of tail, bottle dance, box boy, bream cream, buonballs, buttered finger, coitus a posteriori, coitus abstentia, colpoxerosis, concomitant of desire, corona, coronal ridge, cunt juice, damp patch, dancer's belt, dyspareunia, extras, female come, female ejaculation, female spendings, French dip, genupectoral, get a horn, glans, glans penis, goose grease, have a horn, hymenotomy, inhibited orgasm, juicy sewer, knob-ache, lance in rest, let in, lift-up, little flying saucer, love juice, lower salivation, mammalian position, marabon stork, nature's lube, old fashioned, penial, penis glans, penovaginal, piss fat, piss hard-on, pitching a tent in one's shorts, raise a gallop, raise it, retrograde urethrogram, RR 1, Rural Route 1, sexual secretions, slut butter, spendings, Sunday clothes, sweating phenomenon, tachyorthosis, tail-job, take it, third way, three-way girl, touch-on, transvaginal, twat water, two-way, vagina juice, vaginal discharge, vaginal juice, vaginal spendings, vestibule, vulva sauce, wake up with Jake up, whites, the, wuf

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