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penile braggart:

One who brags about the size or performance of his penis . Synonym: Wanda-Wandwaver .
See Also: alprosradil, bar on, be in a woman's beef, bell-end (of the penis), box boy, Cockzilla, coitus abstentia, concomitant of desire, corona, coronal ridge, dancer's belt, dyspareunia, get a horn, glans, glans penis, have a horn, knob-ache, lance in rest, let in, lift-up, marabon stork, penial, penis glans, penovaginal, piss fat, piss hard-on, pitching a tent in one's shorts, raise a gallop, raise it, retrograde urethrogram, Sunday clothes, tachyorthosis, touch-on, truck driver, wake up with Jake up, Wanda Wandwaver, wienie wagger, wuf

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