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1. An abbreviated form of sex-appeal . See sex-appeal for synonyms.

2. Camp word for masculine sex-appeal .
SYNONYMS: beefcake ; masculine-quotient ; MQ .


(1) Reporter Jake Callahan (Lynne Overman) about sleazy lawyer Billy Flynn (Adolphe Menjou) in Roxie Hart (1942): ' Sex appeal rises from him like a cloud of steam .'

(2) Dorinda Durston (Holly Hunter) speaking about Ted Baker (Brad Johnson) in Always (1989): ' He's too beautiful. He's too much twisted steel and sex-appeal . I can't be with a guy who looks like I won him in a raffle .'

See Also: ad feminam, babette, ball of fire, beddable, beefcake, carry a lot of heat, carry plenty of heat, erotic charm, es-ay, get together principle, the, Greek god, have a lot of what s/he's got, have it in a big way, have it in large gobs, have it in large helpings, have plenty of snap in her garter, have plenty of this and that, have plenty of what s/he's got, it and more, it and that, It-ness, ittish, itty, lunchmeat, makings, the, mmph, myeh, nyeh, old stuff, the, pulchritude, put the S.A. in U.S.A., scorcher, sex bunny, sex stuff, sex voltage, sextraction, sextractive, shaggable, sinfully handsome, socks appeal, tasty, that certain something, thata, this and that, thisa and thata, turn it on, umph, X-appeal, yumph

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