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fond of:

Infatuated with, in-love-with ; attracted to. See love for synonyms.

Quote: Val (Wendy Barrie) and Simon Templar (George Sanders) in The Saint Strikes Back (1939)
-- Val Morton: ' I dislike you intensely .'
-- The Saint: ' Oh, no , you don't. You're really very fond of me .'
-- Val Morton: ' Why should I be fond you you? '
-- The Saint: ' Tell me and you'll answer the riddle of the world . My dear Val, that's what has made history, literature, and even chemistry . A man and a woman .'

See Also: affection, amorous, androphile, androphilic, bag-twister, ballers, be nuts about, body queen, bone queen, boy-crazy, bunter, cheesecake, chemistry, cherry picker, cock-lover, come-freak, come-queen, creature of the night, cunnophile, dig, fond of, form an attachment, fruit for the monkey, girl-crazy, growl-biter, have chemistry, have high blonde pressure, high-diver, hygrophilematous, mitten queen, mug-nutty, necrofellow, nuts about, nuts for, nutty about, nutty over, oral Annie, partial to, passion, pee-pee lover, piss freak, piss-lover, rimadonna, Roman historian, rub freak, scatophiliac, sixty-niner, sniff queen, spooney for, spoony for, suck-queen, take to, tranny fucker, trichophilous, troll, twat-sucker, twatter, urophile, vampire, water lover, Yankee heaven, yodeler

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