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Slang name for a person who is expert at or fond-of performing oral-sex on the vulva . See cunnilinctor or cunnilinctrice for synonyms.
See Also: account executive, acromphalus, acrophilia, artsy-fartsy, batty rider, biggums, bitchen-twitchen, bizotic, bloxie, cancan, cock whoop, cock-a-whoop, cunnilinctor, cunnilinctrice, cunt dracula, dogess, Elvira, euphoria, fly-boy, gank, glitterbag, gooey, high postage, high-heel(ed) pumps, loaf, loxie, mackadocious, making bishops, muffer, nectar, organ recital, pond skum, poule de luxe, rack monster, receding hairline, rents, rickety-raw, rita, scamming, scrapping, spazz, sub-deb, tail high, units, virgin airlines

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