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highway queen:

A homosexual male hitchhiker, especially one who uses sex or prostitution to travel.
SYNONYMS: express-queen ; road-kid ; road-queen ; traveling-salesman .
See Also: amyl queen, B.Q., benrus queen, big dick queen, birdcage cleaner, bitch's Christmas, bitches' Christmas, bone smuggler, bottom-sucker, canned fruit, dancer's belt, DMQ, doodle gazer, DQ, entertaining royalty, express queen, eyeball queen, fellator, GSQ, haricot, Hershey highway, horrorform, icing expert, Johnny Queen, Lady Elgin, lollipop stop, lookie freak, peek freak, peep freak, peer queer, pineapple princess, privy queen, queen for a day, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, road kid, road queen, roarer, royal jelly, shadrack, shrimper, size queen, size-ist, sniff queen, spy queen, stool pigeon, T-room queen, tea room queen, tearoom queen, throne queen, toilet queen, Toilet Tessie, trans fag drag, traveling salesman, washroom faggot

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