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French measles:

Or: French-ache(s) / French-crown / French-disease / French-fever / French-goods / French-gout / French-mole / French-pig / French-pox , obsolete term for a venereal-disease , syphilis , gonorrhoea, etc., from a time when such diseases were blamed on foreigners, particularly those from Latin countries. To the French syphilis was known as The English Malady . See syphilis for synonyms.
See Also: accoutrements, amour fou, amour propre, amour socratique, baume de vie, bordel, caca, Canuck, capote allemande, capote anglaise, chaud, consolateur, coquette, coup de foudre, culo, cultured, dame de voyage, danse du ventre, daughter of joy, decolletage, delire du toucher, English malady, fille de joie, fille de nuit, Fr, Fr act, Fr pas, Fr/A, Fr/P, French, French ache(s), French art(s), French article, French crown, French culture(s), French disease, French fare, French fever, French goods, French gout, French measles, French pig, French pox, French prints, Frenchified potatoes, frog legs, grande horizontale, grande passion, jiggle and jog, kaka, lécheur, lécheuse, Mademoizook, maison de joie, mal d'amour, marrons, nymphe du pavé, oeillade, papillon d'amour, poule de luxe, putain, redingote d'Angleterre, roploplos, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, six à neuf, swaffonder, swap spit, swassonder, tantaleur, tantaleuse, touche pipi, Trois, Les, vache, vice allemand, voyeuse, wear, Yankee heaven, zouzoune

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