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French disease:

Or: French-ache(s) / French-crown / French-fever / French-goods / French-gout / French-measles / French-mole / French-pig / French-pox , obsolete term for a venereal-disease , syphilis , gonorrhoea, etc., from a time when such diseases were blamed on foreigners, particularly those from Latin countries. To the French syphilis was known as The English Malady. See syphilis for synonyms.
See Also: accoutrements, amour fou, amour propre, amour socratique, andrology, antaphroditic, antivenereal, bacterial sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial STDs, bad blood, bad disease, baume de vie, be one of the knights, blood disease, bordel, burned, burnt, caca, Calymmatobacterium granulomatis, Canuck, capote allemande, capote anglaise, chaud, Christian disease, clean, cock-rot, communicable disease, consolateur, contagious disease, contract an STD, cop a dose, coquette, coup de foudre, crinkum(s), culo, cultured, Cupid's itch, dame de voyage, danse du ventre, daughter of joy, decolletage, delicate disease, delire du toucher, dermatology, dermatopathophobia, dermatophobia, dermatosiophobia, disease of love, diseases, disgraceful disease, donovanosis, dose, a, Drury Lane ague, dyspareunia, English malady, fille de joie, fille de nuit, forget-me-not, foul disease, foul disorder, Fr, Fr act, Fr pas, Fr/A, Fr/P, French, French ache(s), French art(s), French article, French crown, French culture(s), French disease, French fare, French fever, French goods, French gout, French marbles, French measles, French pig, French pox, French prints, frenchified, Frenchified potatoes, frog legs, galloping knob rot, GC, general paralysis of the insane, gentleman's complaint, get dosed up, get infected, get sick, get VD, give someone a burn, GPI, grande horizontale, grande passion, Granuloma inguinale, great pox, the, have the ninety day blues, infected, jiggle and jog, kaka, lécheur, lécheuse, loathsome disease, lobster tails, lobstertoes, lues venerea, Mademoizook, maison de joie, mal d'amour, malady of France, marrons, Morbus Gallicus, Naples canker, Neapolitan bone ache, Neapolitan consolation, Neapolitan favour, Neopolitan disease, nosemaphobia, nosophobia, nymphe du pavé, occupational hazard, oeillade, oral coitus, oral copulation, oral intercourse, orogenital sex, orolabial stimulation, papillon d'amour, pass through the fire, pathophobia, pintle fever, poule de luxe, putain, redingote d'Angleterre, reproductive health, ride the silver steed, roploplos, scrud, se branler, se crosser, se faire les cinq doigts de la main, se passer un poignet, sexual disease, sexually transmitted infection, six à neuf, social disease, social infection, Spanish gout, Spanish needle, Spanish pip, Spanish pox, special disease, STD, swaffonder, swap spit, swassonder, syphilis, take the bayonet course, taking precautions, tantaleur, tantaleuse, touche pipi, Trois, Les, unmentionable disease, vache, venereal disease, venereology, venereophobia, vice allemand, voyeuse, wear, women's disease, yancy, Yankee heaven, zouzoune

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