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Georgia Home Boy:

Street name for GHB / Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (NaGHB or KGHB), a drug initially thought to build muscle, it has quickly become the rapist's drug of choice because it sometimes enhances sexual feelings and the victim may participate in reciprocal sexual-acts as a result of the drug rather than free will. It is sold-on the street under various nicknames: Easy Lay / Great-Hormones-at-Bed-Time / Grievous-Bodily-Harm / Liquid-Ecstasy / Liquid-Soap / Liquid-Sex / Scoop.
See Also: butch in the streets, can entertain, can travel, debag, desperation number, easy lay, ecophobia, GHB, Great Hormones at Bed Time, Grievous Bodily Harm, home, home base, home brew, home plate, home run, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid Sex, Liquid Soap, love nook, nostophobia, oecophobia, oikophobia, rape drugs, saveloy, scoop, striptease to go, T man, wearer of the breeches, wearer of the pants, zine

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