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Greek passive:

Or: Gr/P / Gr-pas / passive-Greek , the person who assumes the passive or receptive role in anal-copulation , the (anal) receptor. See sodomite for synonyms.
See Also: active and passive, Afrodite, algolagnia, anaphrodisia, andrology, anus queen, Aphrodite, arenokoites, Astarte, Australian passive, bagger double entry, bottom man, brownie queen, Browning sister, bucket boy, buggerling, buggershy, bull nurse, butch bottom, butt-slut, catapygon, chocolate wings, cultured, Demeter, devitalized relationship, Erato, Fr pas, Fr/P, gonyphilia, gonyphilous, Gr, Gr pas, Gr/P, Greek, Greek art(s), Greek culture(s), Greek fashion, Greek love, Greek passive, Greek style, Greek way, greeking, gyn-, hetero-, hot cross bun, insertor, into submission, kleptolagnia, KY queen, mamacita, master-slave, mastos, mysandry, passive, passive Greek, psychrolagnia, reary, rumpy, slave, sub, take it, team player, thyrsos, toc-, toco-, tok-, toko-, toss freaks, tribada, tribadus, urninde, yin, zorber

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