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Sex Desire:

Synonyms: aphrodisia, appetence, appetite, appetition, ardor-veneris, carnal-desire, carnality, coitolimia, concupiscence, craving, eroticism, estrus, heat, horniness, hunger, lechery, lewdness, libidinal craving, libido, licentiousness, lickerishness, longing, lust, lustfulness, passion, prurience, pruriency, restlessness, rut, salaciousness, salacity, sensualism, sensuality, sensuous desire, sex-drive, sexual-appetite, wantonness, zazzle, Slang and euphemisms:, ache-for, all-hot-and-bothered, all-steamed-up, all-worked-up, amorous, antsy, ardent, aroused, blazing, burning, climactically excited, concupiscent, covetousness, crave for, cream-for, desire strongly, desirous, dripping-for-it, eager, erotic, estrous, excited, fervent, fervid, fiery, fired-up, flaming, flash-groove, flash-in-the-pants, fuckish, full-of-beans, full-of-fuck, full-of-gism, geared(-up), goatish, hanker(ing), hard (up), have (a) fever, have a hard-on for someone, have-a-lech, have-the-hots, have the hots for someone, have-the-urge-to-merge, heated, horny, hot, hot-and-bothered, hot as a three-dollar pistol, hot-as-a-firecracker, hot-assed, hot-blooded, hot-in-the-ass, hot-in-the-biscuit, hot-in-the-tail, hot-to-trot, humpy, hunger-for, hunky, impassioned, impetuous, in-a-sweat, in-heat, in-season, inflamed, inspired, itching, itchy, jacked-up, juicy, lascivious, letch-after, letching for, lewd, libidinous, long-for, lubricious, lust-after, lust for, lustful, lusty, moved by passion, pashy, pashful, passional, passionate, perfervid, pine (for), prurient, quickened, rammy, randy, red-hot, rooty, rousing, rutting, ruttish, rutty, salacious, sensual (craving), sexotic, sexual-desire, sexy, sizzling, steamed-(up), steamy, stimulated, stirring, strong desire, sultry, sweet-tooth, thirsty, torrid, turned-on, urge, warm, wet, wet-and-willing, white-hot, wild (about), wired(-up), wistful, worked-up, yearning, yen, yenny, zealous

See Also: ablutomania, ache for, acokoinonia, adelphirexia, agromania, aidoiomania, algophily, anaphrodisiac, anaphrodite, anaphroditous, aneroticism, anililagnia, anophelorastia, antiaphrodisiac, apodysophilia, ardor veneris, B.U., basoexia, be covetous of, be hot for, cacoethes, compulsion, concupiscent, contrary sex, covet, cupidinous, deadlier of the species, delire du toucher, desire phase, desire stage, dishabillopedia, erogenous, erotogenic, estromania, feel the Colt's tooth, gynecomania, have a hankering for, have a yen for, heteroerotic, heteroeroticism, heterosexuality, homoerotic, hyperphilia, hypoactive sexual desire, hyposexuality, hysteromania, in season, inappetence, inhibited sexual desire, irritable bladder, ISD, lagnesis, lascivia, lechery, libido, lust of the flesh, non-kinky sex, non-operative transsexual, pathic, prurient, sex arousing, sexobatics, sextacy, sexual appetite, sexually arousing, sterner sex, thesauromania, thigmacupidus, thirsty, thygatrilagnia, transexion, urge, the, weaker vessel, the, yen

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