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Song of Songs:

Or: Song-of-Solomon / Canticle-of-Canticles (in the Douay Bible), a book of the Bible consisting in a collection of love poems, dramatic and lyrical in character, traditionally ascribed to Solomon .
Etymology: So-named from the opening verse: ' The song of songs, which is Solomon's ...'
See Also: Bacchanalia, ballad bar, BD drill, behind the behind, bell, bend, Big Foot Joe, bizzo, bletherskate, boo-boo head, bozack, buckwild, buckwilding, bust a nut, Canticle of Canticles, carry a torch, carry the torch, Casey, cock diesel, cut up, dancing with myself, Daughters of Bilitis, dickey dido, dig out, dreamboat, fly, G'd up, get buckwild, get busy, ho cake, honey dip, hooer, hoor, hootchy-kootchy, mackin', nappy dugout, O.P.P., screamplay, skeeze, Song of Solomon, Song of Songs, torch song, wargasm

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