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abnormal forms:

In routine sperm count, the percentage estimate of the number of sperms having abnormal shape of the head , mid-piece or tail .
See Also: aberrant, abnormal forms, abnormality, acorns, acrorthosis, alcahuete, allantotrioism, anilingism, apodysophilia, asphaltic, autodermatophagia, autoflagellation, bathysadism, bedventure, beo, blissom, breast form, butterfly queen, cock suckstress, colpopathy, colpoxerosis, compulsion, compulsive sexual activity, corporal arts, cunnilingam, cunnilingham, dippoldismus, drips, the, estromania, F-ing, good figure, hair-job, hirsutism, hysteromania, ilium, imago, labium, labium majus, labium minus, lagneuomania, lubricous, one-way, petticoat discipline, rheomism, round the world, slinky, soup, syntribadism, tentiginous, tentigogenic, testes, TransLesBiGay, traumaphilia, traumatophilia, trichologia, twisted, waiteress, wazzojugs

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