Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. The misuse, wrong use, or excessive use of anything.

2. Infliction of physical or psychological harm , pain, punishment and/or humiliation .

3. Or: abuse onself / self-abuse , a euphemistic word for masturbation . See masturbation for synonyms.

See Also: 18 USC 2257, 18 USC CHAPTER 110, abuse, abuse oneself, abuse-dwarfism, abyss, acousticophilia, agraphobia, anal birth, anal joyrider, anal leakage, backdoor-birth, bad date, bletherskate, blurtbeard, chicken-shit, child abuser, child molester, contrectophobia, cullion, De Sade, dick head, dippoldism, discipline, doos, fag bashing, fag busting, gay bashing, gee, get physical, kick ass, Marquis de Sade, pheasant plucker, pranny, prat, pratt, scroat, scrote, smeghead, spanner, tele-dom, V.A., verbal masochism, wanker, whanker

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