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abuse someone:

A legal and journalistic euphemism for rape.
See Also: 18 USC CHAPTER 110, abuse, abuse-dwarfism, abyss, agraphobia, anal birth, anal joyrider, backdoor-birth, bring on, cop off with, dick head, dippoldism, dirty mind, fan someone's tail, father-fucker, fuck someone over, fuck someone up, get a claim check on, get a kick out of, get across, get on someones wick, get someone off, give the once over, go out with, hard ass, kick ass, lacy, lilac, pheasant plucker, pull someone off, put the chill on someone, run one's eyes over, scroat, scrumpable, spanner, tampered with, tele-dom, thelyphthoric, Tonya, touchy, turn someone on, untried, V.A.

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