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acquaintance rape:

Forced, manipulated, or coerced sexual contact by a friend or by someone known and trusted by the victim. Women aged 15 to 24 are the primary victims of acquaintance rape. In a study of rape on 35 college campuses Dr. Mary P . Koss of Kent State University found that one in four women were victims of rape or attempted rape, 84% of those women knew their attacker, 57% of those rapes occurred during dates. Synonym: date-rape .
See Also: abuse someone, acquaintance rape, anal fantasies, anoraptus, anthropophagolagnia, carnally knew, carry-out rape, dark fetish(ism), date rape, force-fuck, forcibly assaulted, forcibly molested, line-up, love drug, no freak, pick up, ravish, RV, Stupefi, virginitiphobia

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