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1. Common abbreviation for advertisement as in want ad, classified ad. Personal ads are also known as personals and personal adverts.

2. Restroom graffito advertising the sexual-desires, preferences, talents, or proclivities of the writer along with a phone number.

See Also: 1-2-1, 24/7, 24/7/365, 3P, 4-real, 9-5-er, accident prone, ad, Adam, adrenal, B.J., Bastille, BBW, BDSMLMNOP, BF, bi-curious, bi-lingual, bilingual, bimbosphere, BT, burgers and dogs, C, can entertain, can travel, canine interest(s), clean, cornputer sex, cpl, cut, cybersex, D, DHB, dog's mouth, DP, GHM, GIB, GWM, HWP, Kama Sutra, M, M/M, M/s, mohuncher, one-2-one, P/P, queen for a day, S/W/F, S/W/M, Three P, TLC, twenty-four seven, u/c, vacation, vacationer, versatile, w/e, w/end, W/F, W/M, W/S, wall queen, weekend service, white sugar

Quotes Containing ad:
In Corrina, Corrina (1994) Mrs. Washington (Whoopie Goldberg) is listening to television: - A TV ad : ''Would YOU like to be queen for a day?'' - Corrina: ''I knew a guy in my neighborhood who wanted to be queen-for-a-day , and you know what happened to him, don''t you?''

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