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altar of hymen:

The female genitalia , a pun on hymen / high men who must prostrate themselves to their knees reach it ; also known as the temple-of-low-men . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: annular hymen, Are you keeping it for the worms?, ballane, bed bugs, bed rite, break, bride's pride, bride's proof, buster, cherry blossom, cherry girl, cracked mortar, crust, darling treasure, delicate tissue, doorkeeper, hymenal, hymenal ring, hymenectomy, hymenorrhexis, hymenotomy, imperforate hymen, issue over tissue, jewel without price, maid's ring, maiden gear, maiden ring, maidenhead, pachyhymenia, perishable commodity, ring, tail fence, tail gate, tailgate, temple of low men, virgin flower, virgin knot, virgin membrane, virginal membrane, virginhead

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