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another thing:

Or: old-thing , C19 th British euphemism for the female genitals . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: ABC, agalmatophilia, aging actress, alpha and omega, Amor vincit omnia, another thing, asymmetriphobia, bad breaker-upper, bad thing, bauble, be your own best friend, beauty, beetle, belle chose, bent as a nine bob note, bitch, boot slave, bug up the ass, bum, C**T, cause of causes, cheilogusia, child molester, chin-strap, chloroform, cinch, clitoris, commercial phone sex, constable, corner, cornucopia, cotton to, creamie, dead cert, dead easy, deflower, dingus, dirty deed, the, dirty thing, the, dirty work at the crossroads, divorce, do the bad thing, do the dirty, do the dirty deed, do the natural thing, do the wild thing, doing, dolce vita, fairy, fallen star, frigophobia, FUBAR, fuck something up, gender, get it together, good foot, grandma, grimm's fairy, hagiophobia, having sex with someone you love, head, herpetophobia, hip chick, hop on, hungry, hymenally challenged, jack around, jazz around, kiss and be friends, kiss and make up, la belle chose, lead-pipe cinch, little head, megalophobia, microphobia, monkey about, monkey around, monophobia, mycrophobia, neophobia, nothing, old hen, old queen, old thing, Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori, oncer, orgasm, other woman, the, pain in the ass, pansy, partial to, phone sex, play with oneself, playing with oneself, polyphobia, poundcake, prune person, rancid flower, reno-it, Reno-vate, Reno-vation, reproductive freedom, self-disclosure, sex symbol, sex with someone you love, sexual ego, sexual intercourse, shitter, Snafu, snap, soiled senior citizen, statuophilia, stereotype, sure thing, swallow the worm, sweater girl, sweet potato pie, take it out in trade, tapinophobia, tart, telephone sex, that certain something, that thing, thigmosis, thing, thing-a-ling, thingamabobs, thingstable, thingumbobs, this and that, three-legged, throbbing, tired-old queen, turn on, turtle, turtle head, turtle's head, unspoken language (of love), unwritten law, wheelchair set, wild baby, wild girl, wild thing, wild woman, xenophobia, yentz, yentzer, yummy, zipless fuck

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