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bad talk:

To speak negatively or disparagingly about a person.
See Also: ass-a-holic, autodysomophobia, baby talk, bad thing, bitch kitty, blood disease, breather, bullshit, burn bad powder, cantankerous, chat down, chat up, chip the lips, cometosis, commercial phone sex, computease, Danny Debonaire, diarrhea of the mouth, dick breath, doesn't know his ass from a hole in the groud, doesn't know shit from shinola, full of wind and piss, lagneuomania, paper ass, pussy talk, ratchet-jaw, ratchet-mouth, rolling, sass, scelerophobia, soft nothings, sorry and sad, sweet nothings, tacky drag, talk slop, talk trash, tough shit!, tough titties!, TTYL, VBD, word freak

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