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bad reputation:

Said of a woman reputed to sleep-around , one who is promiscuous .


(1) Lawrence Paros. The Erotic Tongue (1984): ' Unfortunately, the only question he [the male] has in mind is: Is she easy (since 17 th C), loose (since 15 th C), fast (18 th C), swift (late 19-20 th C), speedy (c. 1923), light (14 th C), or convenient (19 th C)? Does she go all-the-way (mid-20 th C), the whole route (19-20 th C), or the limit (c. 1916)? Once we have the answer to that question, we have established what is called a reputation (since 18 th C) .'

(2) Ned Ravine's (Armand Assante) voice over commentary about Lola Cain (Sean Young) in Fatal Instinct (1993): ' Funny thing about women. They'll do anything to keep up appearances. Take Lola Cain. She'd rather look like a hardcase with bloody knuckles than a soft touch with a soiled reputation . Still, I had to admit, there was something about her that made me sweat bullets .'

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