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bath of birth:

Lieterary metaphor coined by Walt Whitman (1819-92) for the vagina . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutophilia, ablutophobia, abruptio placentae, anal fantasies, B.C., baby blues, baby bust, bath house, bathing beauty, Bathsheba, bikini, biparous, birth-naked, birth-rate control, birthday, blasted event, blessed event, chronological age, church, congenital, cum sponge, delivery room, do the grand tour, drop a pup, dropping a pup, flesh factory, French methods, grand tour, nipped in the bud, Our lady of the vapor(s), P.T.A., pig room, scum dump, spuzz receptacle, teratophobia, three B's, wad sop

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