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belly full:

Or: bellyful :

1. To have a belly full , to be pregnant . See pregnant for synonyms.

2. Semen ejaculated into the vagina .

3. The vagina after or during penile penetration.

4. To have grown weary, bored or fed-up with something or someone.

5. To be satiated; to have had enough or more than enough.

See Also: acault, bay window, beer barrel, beer tumor, belly full, belly rub, belly-bump, belly-bumping, belly-fuck, belly-fucker, belly-queen, bellyrina, big hug, bloomers, bow window, bread basket, bubbied, compulsive sexual activity, corporation, danse du ventre, derby kelly, dinner basket, ellybay, false front, front exposure, frontage, full hand, full house, fulsome, have a high belly, in gear, in one's Sunday best, in one's Sunday clothes, Jewish American Princess, midsection, monster shot, mooners, penis length, pregnant, rub freak, rub-belly, rubber, rumpus delecti, six-pack, thumbnail, treasure trail, tummy tuck, tummy-button, ventral-ventral position, Virginia Maylips, waiting for wood, wear a high belly, wear the belly high, works, the, zaftig, zoftig

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