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blast off:

1. An orgasm ; to experience-orgasm . See orgasm for synonyms.

2. Or: blast one off , to fart . See fart for synonyms.

Quote: Marlon Brandon to his son-in-law who ' broke wind in church ' in Free Money (2000): ' I saw you hunch up on one cheek before you blasted one off .' And for that sacrilege he gets electrocuted with a cattle probe in the ass .

See Also: all day, all night, blast off, camp it off, Chew my shorts!, finger blasting, flip it around, fuck off, interrupted coitus, Jackie, jerking iron, jerky, jump off/out at..., light up, off, on, pound it, prick rag, shoot, slow exotic, squeeze it off, squeeze off, tear off a piece (of ass), turnpike, unass, walkout, wank stick, whack off, whank off, WOOPIE, work one's ass off, yanker, YMCA

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