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bosom friends:

Or: bosom-buddies / bosom-chums :

1. Close, intimate friends.

2. A humorous name for a not so funny infestation of crabs . See pubic-lice for synonyms.

See Also: Abraham's bosom, AFOAF, ambibombe, amicus, Batman and Robin, bazooms, beat one's time, beausom, Billy No Mates, bosiasm(s), bosom, bosom buddies, bosom buddy, bosom chums, bosom friends, callicolpos, chappie, chum, cocker, colpette, companion, crab lice, crabs, darling, fam, friend has come, homegirl, homo-lover, just good friends, linguistic cross-dressing, long-haired chum, luvvy, masob(s), mosob(s), palsies, palsy-walsy, pediculosis pubis, philogynist, pronoun reversal, rent-a-body business, roll-dog, smosobs, smudger, tisket a-tasket, true confession

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