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box with teeth:

Vagina with strong sphincter muscles.
See also: vagina-dentata . See vagina for synonyms.
See Also: agomphathymia, back teeth are afloat, back teeth are floating, bones, brush one's teeth, chatterers, chewers, chompers, choppers, chuftie, cockbiter, cocksucker's teeth, cogs, crockery, crunchers, dentals, dentures, dominos, Dresden china, eating tackle, fangs, give pearls, gravestones, grill, grinders, grub trap, grubbery, headrails, hot bot, ivories, Jack in the box, laughing tackle, Line of Jewels, lispers, lunchbox, masticators, mouth, mouth falsies, munchers, nutcrackers, pearlies, pearly gates, pegs, picket fence, pickets, pushing box, rattlers, snatch, solo box, tombstones, toothy pegs, tusks, uppers and beneath, vagina dentata

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