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brown shower:

Or: BS / B/S , in BDSM and prostitution , to defecate in the presence of or on a sexual partner or customer.
Synonyms: Boston-Tea-Party ; hot-turds .
See also: coprophilia ; scat ; scatologia; scatology.
See Also: ablutolagnia, ablutomania, ablutophilia, ablutophobia, assisted shower, B.Q., Boston Tea Party, brown, brown eye miner, Brown family, brown star, Browning family, Browning sister, Browning sisters, BS, champagne, erotic peeing, GS, GSQ, hot turds, likes it wet, mud pies, pee-games, peegames, S-word, shower dance, toilet service, toilet servitude, toilet sex, toilet slave, toilet training, velcro arse, wet links, WS/GS

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