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buttock and tongue:

1. In prostitution terminology, an/the act of anilingus . See anilingus for synonyms.

2. Obsolete in the sense defined by Captain Francis Grose in his Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1811): ' A scolding wife .' See wife for synonyms.

See Also: after parts, afters, back parts, bamsey, beauns, beautocks, blind cheeks, bohunkus, bombosities, chips, clunes, dokus, double juggs, Dutch dumplings, English muffins, flanks, flesh-cushions, fundamental features, gatees, gluteal convexities, gluteal domes, gluteal hemispheres, gluteal sitting convexities, gluteal sitting domes, gluteal sitting hemispheres, gluteal spheroids, gluteal spherosities, hamhocks, haunches, hernandies, hill-locks, hindquarters, honey rolls, hot cross buns, hunkers, hunkies, love buns, moons, nachas, paddies, pads, parts behind, patellas, patties, prats, pratts, promontories, pyggies, pygies, rolls, roscas, rounders, royal buns, rumpal mounds, seats of honor, seats of shame, set of cakes, set of pears, sit-upon(s), sitters, sizzlers, smallers, sugar cookies, Sunday face, taquitos, tochies, tocks, tooshies, tushies, warm bottom, yeastful buns a plenty, yesteryears

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