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casual contact:

In the context of AIDS, any non-intimate social contact that does not transmit HIV such as: eating, playing, studying, hugging, kissing on the cheeks , shaking or holding hands, using a telephone, toilet , or swimming pool, working in an office.
See Also: acquired syphilis, adolescent homosexuality, air dance, barndoor, binders, blow holes, booby trap, bread basket, broadcaster, bulbs, cake hole, carnal abuse, casabas, casual sex, chewers, chompers, choppers, clack, clacker, clam shell, clam trap, colagnia, cold tea, cottager, crockery, crunchers, dentals, dinner basket, dominos, extramarital affair, false front, flanks, flickers, flukers, foot warmer, front exposure, front windows, frontispiece, glaziers, gleeps, glimmers, glims, gob box, goggles, healers, ivory box, jelly loop, killers, kiss trap, kissers, kissing tackle, kissing trap, lamps, lens, lessie, lez, lezbo, lezo, lezzer, lights, lizzie, lizzy, long tea, luminaries, luvvy, molest (someone), napper, nozzle, oculars, oculii, oglers, ogles, orbits, other half, pearlies, pearly gates, peekers, peepholes, peeps, piercers, portrait, prayer bones, saucers, seekers, seers, sees, shutters, sights, skylights, slanters, smackers, smeller, smudger, sneezer, soul kissing, soupbone, spotters, squinters, stems, sugar cookies, talk box, taster, tearoom trade, titties, tongue kissing, tonguing, tootsies, top lights, twinkers, viral hepatitis, windows, winkers, word hole, zoolagnia

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