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cat around:

1. To seek out sexual partners indiscriminately.

2. To engage in (indiscriminate) sexual promiscuity.

3. To have one or many affairs . See affair for synonyms.

See Also: ailuromania, ailurophile, ailurophobia, altocalciphilia, anal collar, anal sphincter, arching for it, arse about, ass about, ass around, ball locks, bog queen, bun-pressers, butterfly flick, C.A.T., cat, cat with its throat cut, cat-fighting, cat-o-nine-tails, catheads, cathouse bird, cathouse cutie, catlapper, catty-cat, chat, circumanal, coital alignment technique, corsetting, cruise, fart-arsing around, flogger, go around the world in eighty ways, hair-job, kitty, leg restraint, play fiddly-fuck, promiscuous, puss gentleman, pussycat, round house, round the world, screw around, shop (around), spare tyre, string bondage, three-finger fuck around, tit-whip, troll, visit the sandbox, waiter

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