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cold heart:

1. An emotionally cold or sexually unresponsive person, more often a woman .

Quote: Bob Brooks (Reginald Denny) to his wife Angela (Kay Johnson) in Madam Satan (1930): ' I think you're above all women, but below zero .'

2. To have a cold heart , to be cool , aloof, unfeeling.

See Also: affaire de coeur, baked alaska, baked ass, block of ice, cheimaphobia, cheimatophobia, Chilly, chunk of lead, Circe, cold, cold fish, cold heart, cold meat, cold sex, cryophobia, dead beat of one's heart, dead down there, dear one, dextrocardia, dry hole, freezy, frigophobia, get some cock, heart, heart breaker-upper, heart line, heart-crusher, heart-smasher, hunk of frozen meat, ice queen, iceberg, icebox, icicle, icy, line of heart, long tea, love cracked, love line, marble heart, psychrolagnia, psychrophilia, raspberry tart, slowie, sweetheart neckline, tachycardia, unattached, up for grabs, wood

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