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commoner of the camp:

Shakespearean term for a cheap prostitute , especially a camp-follower .

Quote: All's Well That Ends Well : ' A commoner o' the camp '. See prostitute for synonyms.

See Also: 175er, abareskin, Amanda, ammunition whore, ball gown, Bathsheba, beach blanket, Big Bertha, big girl flamboyant, bugskin, bummers, camp, camp culture, camp follower, camping, campy, capris, Cash Flagg, Charlene, Clarabella, commoner, commoner of the camp, cooze-cola, cream of the crop, dancey, decor-ina, dizzy-lizzy, honeysuckle vine, Hundred-And-Seventy-Fiver, lily of the valley, Our lady of the vapor(s), pansy without a stem, Tomasina, tonsila, Tonya, twat say?, twatch, Uncle Samantha, Veronica, Victoria, waiteress

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