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1. Want-some-company? / Wanna-party? Phrases frequently used by streetwalkers to lure customers.

2. To sit for (some) company , to work in a bar or brothel .

3. To see-company / to receive company , in prostitution , to entertain customers.

See Also: ballum rancum, boudoir bandit, buff ball, charmer, cherry picker, chicken hawk, chicken queen, Chill with, chiselette, chiseling cutie, company, consort with, dame-on-the-make, diamond-digger, digger, fag hag, fag stag, faggot's moll, fruit-fly, fruit-picker, gator, gigolette, gigolo, God's gift to women, hag, ischolagny, jewel coaxer, lady's man, leaping over the sword, little charmer, love a party, love to party, pocket twister, popular with the ladies, prospector, protection, queen bee, see company, sextortioner, sit for company, sitter, stag hag, Wanna party?, Want to party?

Quotes Containing company:
Roland T. Flakfizor (John Turturro) in Brain Donors (1992): 'Two is company and three is an adult-movie .'
Rebecca Trager Lott (Elizabeth Perkins), Alberta Russell (Kathleen Turner), Sylvie Morrow (Whoopi Goldberg), Alberta and Rebecca again in Moonlight and Valentino (1995): - Rebecca: 'I just realized that we have all kinds of womanhood here right now. We have a single-woman , a married-woman , a divorced woman and of course the ever present widow.' - Alberta: 'These are just words that describe your marital status, not womanhood . I don't think you ought to describe yourself in that-way , Rebecca.' - Sylvie: 'Why not?' - Alberta: 'Because it implies that we change ourselves around men. I mean, we are who we are irrespective of the company we keep.' - Rebecca: 'Hmm, hmm, which is why ever since some painter screamed for his idot dog with his stupid name we have been unable to utter one intelligent word.'

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