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cruise for trade:

In prostitution , to solicit customers.
See Also: A-200, Acyvir, big game hunting, big tender, bowl of wax fruit, bubby trader, bush bunny, car-hop, chicklet, Chinese Love Beads, circle the circus, clean queen, closed door, closed swinging, Clovix, cottager, cruise, cruisy, curb crawler, dame de voyage, Dilly, dilly boy, do the milk run, gas queen, go fishing, hawk, hawk the fork, hawk the mutton, ho stroll, hooker's beat, Kwell, Lice-Enz, lollipop stop, look bar, make a milk run, make the milk run, Nix, Oriental Love Beads, poon hunting, quail hunting, shop (around), Siamese Strings, strawberry, String of Pearls, stringer, stroll, stunt cock, talk game, three B's, timesqueer, touch-me-not garden, trannying, troll, trolling ground, trolling the toilet, valley of tears, watchtower, wax museum, window-tapping, work

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