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dance the buttocks jig:

Literary euphemism for sexual-intercourse . See copulation for synonyms.
See Also: after parts, afters, air dance, back parts, ballum rancum, bamsey, beauns, beautocks, blind cheeks, bohunkus, bombosities, booth dance, brutal breasting, bun-boogie, cancan, carry on like a mad Watoo, cha-cha palace, chips, choreophilia, chorophobia, clunes, cooch, coochee-coochee, couch dance, danse du ventre, do fancy footwork on the daffodils, dokus, double juggs, Dutch dumplings, English muffins, flanks, flesh-cushions, floor show, floor work, fundamental features, gatees, gluteal convexities, gluteal domes, gluteal hemispheres, gluteal sitting convexities, gluteal sitting domes, gluteal sitting hemispheres, gluteal spheroids, gluteal spherosities, hamhocks, haunches, hernandies, hill-locks, hindquarters, honey rolls, hot cross buns, hunkers, hunkies, jig, jiggery pokery, love buns, massage the maple, moons, nachas, paddies, pads, pansy ball, parts behind, patellas, patties, prats, pratts, promontories, pyggies, pygies, rolls, roscas, rounders, royal buns, rumpal mounds, seats of honor, seats of shame, set of cakes, set of pears, shake the beads, sit-upon(s), sitters, sizzlers, smallers, spread some good leather, sugar cookies, Sunday face, table dancing, taquitos, tochies, tocks, tooshies, touch dick, tribadance, turn on the sizzlers, tushies, twirl, up close and personal, vertical foreplay, wallflower, warm bottom, yeastful buns a plenty, yesteryears

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